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Dr. Craig Layt is a fully qualified and highly experienced reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeon . Our patients entrust themselves to Dr. Layt for his honest and down to earth approach and his ability to create beautiful, natural-looking enhancements. Dr. Layt and his staff pride themselves on excellent service, strict confidentiality and outstanding results. Dr. Layt and his experienced team have been practicing plastic surgery and aesthetic care in the Gold Coast, Queensland, and New South Wales for many years.  Dr Layt is the Past President of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Stem cells that are stored in your fat (adipose) tissue are known as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), or medicinal signalling cells. These target areas in the joint that are causing pain or dysfunction, helping them to regenerate and repair themselves. By re-introducing your own pericyte cells, which have been separated from your fat cells during the Lipogems® process, blood flow is increased and inflammation is reduced. In this way, your body is helped to heal itself.

We offer appointments during the day, evenings or weekends, with the choice of male or female therapists. Our practice managers are fully qualified hypnotherapists who is happy to answer any questions you have in absolute confidence.

Clinic - Harvest (Within You)Clinic - Harvest (Within You)Clinic - Harvest (Within You)Clinic - Harvest (Within You)